Featured Videos


A short film describing the core themes of the upcoming wave of conferences happening in Ontario and highlighting some of the early spaces of preparation in the region.


Children in Aurora read a poem by Abigail Echo-Hawk and offer their own creativity as a way of honouring the 215 souls of the children found at Kamloops Indian Residential School in British Colombia.


Alex and Zac, both participants in a junior youth group, created this video, wishing all the friends a Happy Naw-Rúz and describing daily life on their farm. With humour and joy, the twin brothers reflect on how their chores, particularly taking care of the animals, have helped them develop virtues such as discipline and compassion.


Through participating in study circles and children’s classes, a group of collaborators wrote and published a children’s book about mask-wearing during the Covid-19 pandemic in Springdale, Brampton. This is an accompanying animated short film they created to assist neighbours to better understand the Covid-19 vaccine.


In early November 2020, through support from the region, the friends in Sudbury were able to lease a neighbourhood centre, at the exact midpoint between the Flour Mill and Louis Street focus neighbourhoods, just a kilometer apart. Having their own space became a necessity after the summer and fall cycles of intense activity when, despite the challenges of the pandemic, the program was able to grow to six groups through the efforts of neighbourhood youth, who were also inviting their friends into study circles and devotional gatherings.