Seasonal Schools

Below is the list of Ontario schools and their current status. Please contact the Seasonal Schools Committee or the school organizers for further information about a particular school.

The Bahá’í Schools Committee is happy to share the following information:

Rainbow Baha’i School will run from Friday July 8 to Monday July 11, 2022 at Camp Wilabosca Scout Camp on Windy Lake, 53 North Shore Road, Onaping ON (Greater Sudbury).
The registration form can be found here: Rainbow Baha’i School

Shining Lamp Baha’i School will be held between August 9-13th and further information can be found here:

Information regarding the Rideau Ottawa Baha’i Schools Initiative (ROBSI) can be found at

Information regarding Kawaa’aataee school in August is forthcoming.

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