Sudbury youth can’t stop – won’t stop – teaching

Submitted by Farzan Hosseini

SUDBURY: The youth gathering from a year ago has continued to inspire youth in Sudbury, no matter how much time has passed.

One of the youth who attended the gathering was so touched by the Creative Word that, to this day, he cannot stop guiding people to the Blessed Beauty at every opportunity. 

“Everyone must give this a try,” he says.

He has brought eleven of his friends to a fireside and has helped four youth go through Book One of the Ruhi sequence, Reflections on the Life of the Spirit. At a recent cluster reflection meeting, he shared how he would love to serve by assisting his peers to study the courses of the institute.

Along with five other youth from clusters in the northern Ontario, he attended a recent Learning Site seminar in Toronto to gain experience engaging youth in conversations about the role of youth and the institute.

When there is love and accompaniment obstacles will be removed. During the recent reflection meeting in Sudbury, the enthusiasm of the friends led them to double the number of their core activities this cycle, and to reach the third milestone by the end of the new Plan. 

Get in touch with the neighbourhood team in this story, or share your own learning with Ontario Baha’i here.

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